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  • V V commented on Chapter 1 :
    8/31/2014 8:48:09 AM
    beautiful language.
    (4 chapter reviews) | 2839 +Votes
    A young eco-terrorist member of the Earth Liberation Front (E.L.F.) encounters real elves bent on more than petty ... More Info
    • TP Keating Hi Michael Ness, Following an engrossing set up E.L.F. White Leaves cracks along at just the right pace. I'm impressed. Regards, TP Keating
      7/29/2015 6:01:33 PM
    • Michael Ness So very glad you're enjoying it, TP!
      7/31/2015 12:11:48 AM
    • Michael Ness And V V as well! Thanks so much! :)
      7/31/2015 12:12:21 AM
  • V V commented on Chapter 0 :
    9/24/2014 1:49:52 PM
    liked it.
    (4 chapter reviews) | 377 +Votes
    Mick Farrow: sailor, soldier, and adventurer. He almost died fighting at the hands of his enemies, and became something ... More Info
    • Peter Ivey Thanks; hope you enjoy the rest!
      10/30/2014 1:15:03 AM
  • 8/31/2014 1:06:08 PM
    An unnerving story about harsh realities of life. Innocence and trust are the most abused virtues of present age. An eyeopener for Indian girls, women. Scary story.
    (14 chapter reviews) | 257 +Votes
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    Crime, Cross-Genre
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