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  • About Me: What can I say...I started writing when I was in 10th grade. Even though my spelling and grammar are horrible and always will be, what I hope people grasp from ... Show More
  • Darkerangel says:
    4/7/2016 12:56:31 AM
    Hello everyone. I'm back with a fresh new story that I'm exacted about. Can't wait to get back into the swing of things.
  • Darkerangel started a new story.
    4/7/2016 12:40:18 AM
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    After Second Era 2-43, neo-terrorist Xiong made themselves known to the world by the third contact. They released a ... More Info
  • Darkerangel commented on Chapter 1 :
    4/5/2014 10:52:17 PM
    Thank you so much Shawn for the endorsement! I thought this story was familiar. I saw it before when I was roaming the site. After reading it, it left me with the ... Show More
    (2 chapter reviews) | 870 +Votes
    Join Thatcher, Roan, Evelyn, Aden and Lex as they explore a world rapidly expanding around them. New students at ... More Info
  • Darkerangel commented on Chapter 1 :
    4/5/2014 10:03:12 PM
    Hi Delvin. Thank you so much for the endorsement! I like the premise of Seasonals and interesting that Liam was hit with being a Seasonal via the first chapter. Hope to see more.
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    When four normal teenagers discover they are the new protectors of earth, Seasonals, They are thrust into a magic war ... More Info
  • 3/26/2014 8:13:10 AM
    The writing errors are strong with this one. The plot also took something of a nosedive. This is easily the least promising chapter so far, for two reasons: the ... Show More
    (2 chapter reviews) | 37 +Votes
    Season 1 ~ O’megka K-I Saga ~ 4 ordinary teens discover they are witches with abnormal abilities and elemental power. ... More Info
    • Darkerangel Okay so I normally don't do this, but I revamped the chapter to where it will still fall into place via chapters to come.
      3/31/2014 5:22:38 AM
    • Kevin A.M. Lewis Interesting edits! Overall a much better read. I think it wouldn't hurt to just give Leonn'e a paragraph of description though, instead of descriptions of his appearance being scattered around. I gather that he has white hair, large hands, and a deep voice. Is that all you meant to disclose?
      3/31/2014 2:13:47 PM
    • Darkerangel T.T Thanks. Yes...at least for now. More will transpire. o0 You made me realize that Book 1 is eight years old bhaahaha lol. Wow, two more years and it'll be 10, that would be an anniversary special right there, tv series wise lol in Japan.
      3/31/2014 10:00:35 PM
  • Darkerangel commented on Chapter 1 :
    3/23/2014 5:52:38 PM
    I too liked the start. It fits Biblically (that's right, I spelled it =P) because in the beginning there was darkness then light. Makes sense for the end to have light ... Show More
    (1 chapter reviews) | 20 +Votes
    2012; The Apocalypse; The End of Mankind. What if it had happened? And what if you had survived? As 15 survivors ... More Info
  • Darkerangel commented on Chapter 2 :
    3/23/2014 5:42:34 PM
    Very good chapter, I like how the story just flows as if from a movie via scene, by scene, by scene. I also like how Jinx lives up to his name by not having much good luck at the beginning.
    (2 chapter reviews) | 1830 +Votes
    Boone- He never made it as an actor, but steady work as a television extra kept him in enough wine to keep him smiling. ... More Info
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