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    Hi Timothy! Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for following! Fugitivus wouldn't be anything without your support. THANKS!
    • Timothy Dornan Great story, seriously. Thank you for letting us peek inside your head.
      4/21/2015 2:46:27 AM
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    Sorry I've been on hiatus for so long, but I've been working on a brand new project that I'm excited to be sharing with everyone. You can find it below. Please give it a ... Show More
  • Penny Rothrock commented on Chapter 1 :
    1/26/2015 3:01:08 AM
    OK, I read the first chapter. Natalie, you're quite the writer! It would be easier to read on my kindle, but this is ok....since it's you. I'm enjoying it so far!
    (45 chapter reviews) | 2440 +Votes
    Young Adult
    • k l Thank you!
      1/31/2015 2:54:41 PM
  • Pavlov Gietz commented on Chapter 1 :
    1/28/2015 3:29:06 PM
    I think i've found my new book.
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    Young Adult
    • k l I hope you love it through and through! Feel free to comment along the way to let me know what you think.
      1/31/2015 2:53:48 PM