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M. Howalt
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Complete as of June 2015. As if being a certified werewolf hunter isn’t enough of a moral morass ... Show More
Cross-Genre, Fantasy, Literary, Mystery, Paranormal
werewolves, werewolf hunter, supernatural, aconitum, wolf's bane, hunter, gunslinger, literary supernatural fiction

Chapter 1

The air of the small town was thick with tension. Hector felt it the moment he passed the first few houses. It was not just a matter of dead cattle, the letter had said. There had been an attack on a young man and Hector made his way to see him right away. It was the clergyman who took him there and no doubt the clergyman who had suggested finding a hunter instead of carrying out an execution right away. They had locked up the victim in the cellar of his own home. The children had been removed from the house and were being cared for by nervous neighbours, and the wife was squeezing a crucifix in her hands while Hector was talking to her.

“Are you going to kill him?” asked the wife the moment he approached her on the porch in front of her family’s wooden house. She looked Hector straight in the eyes, bracing herself for the answer.

He shook his head. “Not if I have a choice. If he has not been bitten, there is no danger.”

“But if he has,” said the wife, still holding his gaze, “then you must do it. He is a good man. He would rather die than become one of them.”

Hector took off his weather-beaten hat and put it on the banister of the porch. The air was stale in the summer heat, but now was not the time to wash off the sweat and the dust from the road. “I understand. Who examined him?”

The clergyman cleared his throat. “I did,” he said. “But …”


“He reacted violently, but I don’t know if … It did not look like bite wounds, but …”

“I see.” None of them were experts. None of them were sure what to look for, and they were too scared to look properly. “I’ll take care of it.”

“Thank you,” said the clergyman and painted a cross in the air between them with two shaky fingers. “God bless you.”

The wife motioned for him to follow and descended the stairs to the porch. There was a narrow, unmarked door next to it. She stopped for a moment and took hold of Hector’s arm. “Hunter. Promise me that you will do what you have to,” she said, unnecessarily.

“Of course.”

“And … Tell Mattias that I love him.”

“I will.”

She took an oil lamp off its hook by the closed door and handed it to Hector. Then she put the key in the lock. Hector stepped into the darkness with the lamp in front of him in one hand. In the other hand, he had his trusty revolver. It was loaded with silver bullets, naturally, but he did not expect to have to use it. If the man had not been bitten, everything was fine. If he had been, Hector would make a proposition. It was that simple.

The door shut behind him. The stairs creaked with every step he took. He was met by the smell of dried meat, herbs, blood, urine and infection. The light reached a crouched figure behind rows of ham hanging from the ceiling.


“Oh god. Oh god, you have come to kill me!” whimpered the figure.

“My name is Hector,” he continued. “I am a hunter. You know what my prey is. Are you one of them?”

An almost unintelligible stream of words followed. The victim was probably as uncertain as the people waiting upstairs.

“I am here to help you. If you attack me, it won’t matter if you have been infected or not. I will put a bullet through your head,” Hector explained. “But if you do as I ask, I won’t hurt you. Come here.”

The young man struggled to his feet and staggered towards Hector. His clothes were torn and bloody and his face a pallid mask of fear.

“As you probably know, werewolves are allergic to silver,” Hector explained calmly while he put down the lamp and the revolver. He straightened his back again and looked into the eyes of the young man. “So let us see what you make of this …” He drew his hunting knife.

Whatever colour was left in Mattias’ face drained. His eyes darted from Hector to the shiny blade. It looked as if he wanted to say something or scream, but not a sound reached his lips. He did not even breathe. Hector reached out just in time to grab his arm firmly before the young man collapsed. He made certain that the impact with the floor was not too hard and then let go, sheathed the knife again and knelt next to the poor man. “Mattias.”

The young man quickly regained consciousness, but he was dazed enough not to be frantic anymore. That was something at least.

“My knife is not made of silver. You panicked. How long have you been down here?”

The man slowly turned his head from side to side. “I … I don’t know. Maybe two days.”


“Yes.” His eyes darted upwards, and Hector followed his glance. Pieces had been torn off one of the chunks of ham. Would his wife had dared to feed him if he had not been fortunate enough to be surrounded by something edible?

The hunter grunted impatiently. It wasn’t strange that the young man was besides himself. The fear of transforming must have been choking him and if he had not been properly treated by a physician, he must be in pain. “Please tell me what happened. Calmly now.”

Mattias explained, stuttering and stammering, that he had been on his way home on his horse one night when something had followed him in the darkness. He had spurred on the horse and galloped towards the town as quickly as he could. But the pursuer had caught up with him and jumped onto the horse. It had puts its claws in his back, and the horse had reared in fear. The creature had been tossed off and somehow Mattias had made it home.

“And the horse?” asked Hector.

“It must have been put down.” The young man shook his head again. “It was in a bad shape.”

“Could it have been an ordinary predator? A bear?”

The young man shook his head once more.

“Are you certain that you were not bitten?”

“Yes … Almost.”

Hector nodded. “Good. Wait here. And undress while I’m gone. I want to examine your injuries.” He stood up and ascended the staircase while he removed the bullets from his revolver. He would not need them.

“I need a bowl of clean water and a washcloth,” Hector told the clergyman and the wife who were all but pacing back and forth outside the door to the cellar. “And have you no doctor in this town?”

The clergyman cleared his throat. “Yes, but we could not risk her getting infected as well.”

Hector managed to keep himself from rolling his eyes. The headquarters in Frankfurt did not have the means to send a doctor along for ordinary travels, so he had a certain kind of expertise at this point. “Get her. She might as well learn what to look for.” He sent the wife a measured smile. “There is hope for your husband. Water?”

Hector watched them go and leaned back against the warm brickwork of the house. The attack had not taken place during full moon. That was good news. It meant that he was looking for an animal, and that was always easier.

It was not long before the doctor arrived. She had brought the right equipment and seemed to be of the kind of person who could face anything as long as she was in the heat of the moment.

“Hold the lamp please,” said Hector when they went into the cellar together. He put a hand on Mattias’ shoulder as the young man sat down on the floor with his legs crossed. “This will probably hurt,” he continued and knelt. He soaked the washcloth and ran it over Mattias’ back. “Well, then. Come closer, doctor. What do you see? Claws or teeth?”

The doctor squinted and leaned a little closer. “Claws from a large animal.” She pointed at the long gashes on the young man’s back. “Four claws here, and one almost like … a thumb. Here.”

Hector nearly smiled. Not bad. “Yes. That is correct. And now that we have washed his back, we can see that there are no more wounds here. Yes?”

“Yes. I agree.”

“Can you stand up, Mattias? We need to see the rest of you.”

They examined him together, identified bruises and old wounds that had healed long ago. “It is the saliva of werewolves that carry the infection into the bloodstream,” explained the hunter. It was basic information, but who knew what superstitions ran wild in a small, rural town like this. “And we have not found any bite marks. So he is well. Or as well as one can be after a predator attack of any kind. You can take care of him while I get his wife.”

A few moments later, after the reunion of husband and wife, Hector approached the clergyman on the porch. “He was not infected.”

The clergyman sighed, relieved. “Thank you, hunter.”

“It is a little early to thank me yet,” Hector replied. “There is still a werewolf somewhere close.”

“But you will help us with that too, won’t you?”

“Yes.” Hector rubbed the back of his neck. “I’ll go out after sunset. But first I’ll eat and get ready.”

“Your horse is being cared for, and your bags have been brought to the inn,” said the clergyman.

“Thank you.” Not all of them. He never let anyone take the most important things. He kept his weapons and the medicine with him at all times.

It was not a long walk to the inn, a two storey building with low, wooden ceilings. The ground floor was a tavern and a sweet smell of food and beer wafted through the room. A number of curious and slightly anxious glances followed Hector when he sat down on a bench as far in the back of the room as he could without appearing suspicious. A couple of men looked like they had been sitting there all day and not been stingy with the beer expenses. One person in the corner seemed to be a fellow traveller. He was bent over a map that he studied while he picked at some kind of porridge with a spoon. And the last two people in the room must have wandered straight in from tending to the fields surrounding the town. They did a poor job of hiding their glances towards Hector’s rifle.

The reactions to a hunter in small towns like this were always a little strained. In some places, people even seemed scared as if he would attract more werewolves than he would kill, or as if he would accuse innocent people of being infected and execute them on the spot. But in most places he was met with reactions such as these. People praised his work and thought that he could merrily saunter from chatting at the dinner table to slinging his guns at a wolf without any transition. They were scared, had questions, wanted safety. But Hector was not here to pat their heads and tell them that the big, bad wolf would go away soon. He was here to do his job, and his job demanded concentration.


Hector looked up from his meal. “Yes?” One of the farmers had gathered her nerve to speak to him.

“Is it true that Mattias Freihausen was bitten by a werewolf?”

Hector tore a piece of bread off the loaf on the plate and weighed it in his hand. “No. Attacked, yes. But bitten, no. He will be fine.”

“So he isn’t …”


The farmers exchanged relieved looks. “What about the wolf, then?”

Hector put the bread into his mouth and chewed carefully before he answered. “I take care of it tonight.”

The two farmers lifted their mugs. “Cheers to that! Have a good hunt!”

“Thank you.” Hector raised his mug too and drank. The two drunkards joined in on the toast. The traveller looked a bit confused and then lifted his mug. He might not even speak German. In theory, any of these people could be a werewolf. But none of them had attacked Mattias, for it was not full moon yet, and no one turned back and forth like that. There was a werewolf somewhere outside the town, and Hector would find it.
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    Werewolves and werewolf hunters, I'm a fan. I've got vampires and vampire hunters that set up camp in my imagination. Looking forward to seeing how your story develops.
    • M. Howalt Hey, thanks a lot for checking out Aconitum! I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the first chapter. :) I've got some vampires around too, but they belong to a very different story which is not (yet?) on JukePop.
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    • Angi Shearstone I hope you get to post that someday! How did you decide what to post here?
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    • M. Howalt Thanks a lot! It's great to hear that you enjoyed the beginning. He definitely knows what he's doing. :)
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    • M. Howalt Thank you very much, fellow M.! :) I'm happy you decided to give my serial a shot. It's pretty darn amazing that you see him like that, actually. You're the first to say it, but I've personally always imagined that Hugh Jackman would do a brilliant job of playing Hector in a film version.
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    • M. Howalt Hi! Thank you for checking out my serial. :) I'm happy to hear you like it. I'm glad Hector works for you; he carries a lot of the narrative. Thank you for commenting, too. You don't need to, of course, but I do love hearing from readers. It's awesome to hear what you think. :)
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    • Jershon Yong I've had a couple of feedbacks from authors and friends haha. It's not exactly too well done. I didn't expect too much anyway, looking at the amount of effort I put in >…< But I would love any advise that would improve my story :)
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    • M. Howalt Thank you for giving my serial a shot! I'm happy to hear that you liked it so far. Yes, while all werewolves (to Hector's knowledge) started out as humans who were then infected, the "illness" does not always manifest in the same way. Some shift at full moon while others, indeed, are savage wolves with a taste for human flesh all the time.
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    • M. Howalt Thank you very much for giving my story a shot! I'm glad it worked so well for you despite its not being in your preferred genres. Beer is an excellent choice for Aconitum (it's definitely Hector's choice). Herbal tea works too, however. ;) I hope you'll like where it goes. Thanks for catching the typo; I'll fix it in the next edit.
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    • M. Howalt Hello there, welcome to Aconitum! :) I'm glad to see that you've started reading it, and very happy to hear that you liked the beginning. :) Haha, that's pretty much his attitude, yes. Thanks a lot for reading and commenting!
      12/10/2014 9:23:39 PM
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    • Jennifer L. Barnes Oh nice! They're beautiful plants, and extremely poisonous. Which is why they got the name "wolf's bane" because the plant was used to make a poison that was used to kill wolves. Which also explains its part in werewolf lore.
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    • M. Howalt Reviewing is handled very different from person to person I think. I comment (and not review) and give feedback, ask questions and make suggestions for individual chapters. I like to review only complete books on JukePop because I personally don't feel comfortable rating parts of the whole and also like to write longish reviews. I've noticed that some readers leave very short reviews with excellent ratings (thus letting the stars almost speak for themselves) on a number of chapters of their favourite stories and never leave reviews for novels they don't care much for while others write longer reviews on select chapters that they especially like in a given serial. Yet others leave reviews on just the first chapter of a lot of stories whether they like them very much or not.
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    • Z Z I've been feeling somewhat similar when dealing with giving stars or just comments. Reviewing feels like it should be a finalized notion instead of just something that goes chapter to chapter. I'd rather give feedback instead, but was unsure of your preference or those of others. Now that I know I'll try to save my reviews for something substantial such as the end of a story or if an aspect really stood out. Just a side-note, I just bought a game about demon slaying called Bloodborne, so I was more than happy to begin reading a story about monster hunters.
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