The Fevered
Jeremy Wiebe
133 +Votes
Greg Leunig
JP 30 4503 +Votes
Tamlyn Tinker
113 +Votes
Melissa D Neale
48 +Votes
Angel Callido
324 +Votes
Clans: Extinction Cure
Nathan Ezzo
98 +Votes
Big Dead Noise
Jeff Silvey
256 +Votes
After Z-Day
Charlotte Donnelly
37 +Votes
I Feel Fine
Lelial Thibodeau
7264 +Votes
Romance, Bombs and Zombies
Alexandra Chauran
44 +Votes
Zulu Time
William Wood
246 +Votes
A Mage, A Dwarf, And A Woman ...
Nathan Tarantla
36 +Votes
Boomtown Baby
Sam Stall
53 +Votes
Don't Feed The Dark: ...
Scott Scherr
13 +Votes
Death's Knoll
Carrie Ann Golden
20 +Votes
Tomorrow Falls
Carrie Ann Golden
110 +Votes
The Hidden Realm
Carrie Ann Golden
34 +Votes
Katie Holland
2 +Votes