Chronicles of an Alcoholic
Dan Contreras
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The Case of the Syphilitic ...
James Hutchings
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It's Not the End of the World ...
Catherine Kovach
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Victor, Alcmaeist
David Dillard-Wright
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The Man They Called God
Dean Moses
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The Lord of This World
Christos Callow Jr.
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The Law Unto Herself ...
Jennifer L. Barnes
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Brad Yaskowitz
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The Ichthyologist
Jesse Tate
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Fingal Mali
Jack Hudson
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Agent Double Ten
Jared Leys
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Looking For Paradise: Primera ...
Ashley Nicole Andrus
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Bred for Blood
Patrick Kramer
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Jamie Schneider
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The Last Time Witch
Holly Iles
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Year 0
Jesse Sobel
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How to survive without a car
Kate Almond
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