Knight of the Moon Trilogy
Kevin A.M. Lewis
JP 30 1651 +Votes
The War of the Gifts
Robert Shmigelsky
7 +Votes
The Seven Trials of a Dragon ...
Robert Shmigelsky
2 +Votes
Jhered of Kirea: The Rider in ...
Ron Prichard
305 +Votes
Adam Bolander
185 +Votes
The Brotherhood of the Abyss
Mamerto Jr Relatvo
13 +Votes
A Mage, A Dwarf, And A Woman ...
Nathan Tarantla
36 +Votes
In the Rainless Rainbow
Joseph Baron-Pravda
13 +Votes
Ballad of the Bastard Blades
Santiago Pérez
2 +Votes
Shadow Masters
Rocky Bellew
16 +Votes
Dragon Below!
Marshall McCarthy
6 +Votes
Crude Magic
Michael Young
14 +Votes
The Serpent's Flask
B.M.B. Johnson
16 +Votes
The Dwarf Child
Liz Underwood
56 +Votes
S.T. Rucker
172 +Votes
Tides of Fate: Aeanon
Lilly Corayn
5 +Votes
A Lamentation of Sirin
Nicholas Kotar
18 +Votes
Stories of the ...
Mildred R Holmes
58 +Votes