Summer Writing Project

The Summer Writing Project is an annual collaboration between 1888 and JukePop that advocates writing and supports reading.

This joint venture presents authors with the opportunity to craft their novellas one chapter at a time with immediate quantitative and qualitative feedback from their readers, while also broadcasting their words to an audience eager for the next great storyteller.

    1. SUBMISSION PERIOD July 1 – August 31

    • Submit novella chapters via
    • A minimum of one chapter must be submitted for consideration
    2. WINNER ANNOUNCED September 5

    • 1888 editors select one (1) novella based on reader analytics (retention + reading time) to be published with cover artwork by David Moscati.
    Throughout the Summer Writing Project we present a series of free educational essays, lectures, and podcast episodes to support our writers and the community. For information about Summer Writing Project 2017 please visit to listen to our free weekly podcast.
Last One to the Bridge
Kathy Joy
209 +Votes
Death by Chance
M. N. Gibbs
174 +Votes
Tony Taylor
0 +Votes
The Quest
Daniel Warner
17 +Votes
Andre Clemons
42 +Votes
Wendy Belanger
5 +Votes
Southern Comfort
Nikki Crass
0 +Votes
What the Bones Say
Tonya Moore
23 +Votes
0 +Votes
The Ultimate League
archit parikshit
0 +Votes
In Future Use Spellcheck
Taye Carrol
42 +Votes
Murder by Proxy
Brandon Czubinski
55 +Votes
Infinity Second
S.T. Rucker
6 +Votes
The Hopewell Club
Anthony Tesla
9 +Votes
Gray Lake
Meg Hendry
2 +Votes
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  • 7/7/2017 8:17:50 PM
    Do the first chapters of these projects still have to be approved and if so is the time decreased due to the contest only running through the end of August?